Common brake discs are mostly made of gray cast iron, i.e. conventional gray cast iron composition, due to low carbon content, low graphite precipitation in the organization, dispersion of the graphitized organization, the matrix organization also fails to meet the alloying index requirements, thermal conductivity and wear resistance are not good, the use of easy to wear and braking performance is unstable and other shortcomings, resulting in the brake disc and the life of the vehicle is not synchronized, the use of brake discs need to be replaced several times, bringing certain safety risks and economic burden for users.

As for the high carbon brake disc, the high carbon content gray cast iron is used, and the carbon content is increased to 3.7%~3.8% on the basis of the common gray cast iron brake disc with carbon content not more than 3.4%, which gives the gray cast iron a strong vibration damping ability and keeps the brake disc at a lower temperature to stabilize its performance. Through the reasonable selection of alloying elements, the content of pearlite in the matrix is ensured, the pearlite is strengthened, the graphite length is optimized, and under the condition of high carbon content (higher graphite volume fraction), higher mechanical and cutting properties are obtained, while the thermal conductivity, wear resistance and thermal fatigue resistance of the material are substantially improved.

We specialize in developing high-carbon brake discs for 20 years, and our products are widely used in racing cars and luxury high-end vehicles.

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