Generally speaking, when the following situations occur, the brake disc needs to be replaced:

Replacement frequency of brake pads

The replacement frequency of brake disc and brake pad is different, and the replacement frequency of brake pad is far greater than that of brake disc. Generally speaking, the front brake pad is 30,000-50,000 km, and the rear brake pad is 60,000-80,000 km, which needs to be replaced. The front brake disc is 60,000-80,000 km and the rear brake disc is 100,000 km, which needs to be replaced.

Therefore, if your brake pads are replaced twice, you need to check the thickness of the brake disc to see if it needs to be replaced, which is generally necessary.

Tire jitter during braking

When braking, the tire will jittering, so it is necessary to check whether the brake disc is deformed, and if so, it needs to be replaced.

Abnormal braking

The braking effect is worse, and after replacing the brake pads, the braking effect is still very poor. It is very likely that the brake disc needs to be replaced.

Wear marks of brake discs

When the brake disc has a deep groove more than 1 mm, and the thickness of both sides is uneven, the wear is serious, or cracks appear, it is necessary to replace the brake disc, otherwise there will be great safety hazards.

Brake disc surface turns blue

When the brake disc turns blue, the brake disc will make a sharp noise, because the brake surface of the brake disc is often disturbed by high temperature and the hardness becomes greater.

Brake disc warning

Some models will have indicator lights to remind you to replace brake discs and brake pads.

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