There have been car lovers on the network, just to their sports cars to replace a set of carbon ceramic brakes are enough to buy a B-class car, for example, to enjoy the optional carbon ceramic brake system provided by Ferrari, you may need to pay more than 250,000 yuan. With such expensive pricing, it is not too much to say that carbon ceramic brakes are the “big wig” of the brake industry. What is the reason for the emergence of carbon ceramic brakes, and why is it so expensive?

This also starts with the braking system of the car. Car braking system as a process of energy conversion tools, need to be the car driving process has the kinetic energy converted to thermal energy. If a ton of cars to push to hundreds of kilometers per hour which requires a very large amount of energy, and vice versa to hundreds of kilometers per hour in a short period of time to slow down the car to zero is also required similar energy, which requires the kinetic energy of the car can be converted into heat and quickly distributed to the air, this whole process is completed by the car braking system. So the friction of the brake disc to convert such a huge capacity, and then the heat of the brake disc to the outside world, its own temperature in the car braking is quite high, serious overheating will also be red. Therefore, the requirements of high quality brake discs in terms of heat resistance and heat dissipation are not low.

The traditional brake disc is made of metal material, which has poor heat resistance. If the surface temperature rises too high and approaches the melting point of the metal itself, the engineering strength of the whole metal brake disc will be weakened, resulting in the weakening of the braking effect of the whole automobile. If this thermal recession phenomenon is to be fundamentally solved, it is necessary to improve the heat resistance of brake discs and brake pads. The research shows that carbon ceramic materials can improve these problems very well, and carbon ceramic brake system came into being.

As a new brake material developed in recent years, carbon ceramic (C/SiC) brake material has the advantages of low density, high temperature resistance, high friction performance and stability. The core of the carbon ceramic brake system is the brake disc, which is made of reinforced composite ceramics synthesized from carbon fiber and silicon carbide at a high temperature of 1700℃. It is not only excellent in high temperature resistance, but also lighter than the traditional brake disc under the same size.

 We specialize in developing carbon ceramic brake discs for 20 years, and our products are widely used in racing cars and luxury high-end vehicles.

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