1J0615301D,1J0615301L High Quality Brake Disc Rotor For Audi,VOLKSWAGEN

1J0615301D,1J0615301L High Quality Brake Disc Rotor For Audi,VOLKSWAGEN


AUDI A1 (8X1, 8XK) 2010/05-2018/10

AUDI A2 (8Z0) 2000/02-2005/08

AUDI A3 (8L1) 1996/09-2006/09

SEAT CORDOBA (6L2) 2002/09-2009/11

SEAT IBIZA III (6L1) 2002/02-2009/11

SEAT IBIZA IV (6J5, 6P1) 2008/03-


SEAT IBIZA IV ST (6J8, 6P8) 2010/03-

SEAT LEON (1M1) 1999/11-2006/06

SEAT TOLEDO II (1M2) 1998/10-2006/05

SKODA FABIA I (6Y2) 1999/08-2008/03

SKODA FABIA I Combi (6Y5) 2000/04-2007/12

SKODA FABIA I Praktik (6Y5) 2000/01-2007/12

SKODA FABIA I Saloon (6Y3) 1999/10-2007/12

SKODA FABIA II (542) 2006/12-2014/12

SKODA FABIA II Combi (545) 2007/10-2014/12

SKODA OCTAVIA I (1U2) 1996/09-2010/12

SKODA OCTAVIA I Combi (1U5) 1998/07-2010/12

SKODA ROOMSTER (5J) 2006/03-2015/05

SKODA ROOMSTER Praktik (5J) 2007/03-2015/05

SKODA (SVW ) FABIA (5J_) 2008/12-2015/12

VOLKSWAGEN BORA (1J2) 1998/10-2005/09

VOLKSWAGEN BORA Variant (1J6) 1999/05-2005/05

VOLKSWAGEN FOX (5Z1, 5Z3) 2003/08-

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF IV (1J1) 1997/08-2007/03

VOLKSWAGEN POLO (6R1, 6C1) 2009/03-

VOLKSWAGEN POLO (9N_) 2001/10-2012/01

VOLKSWAGEN POLO Saloon (9A4, 9A2, 9N2) 2002/09-

VW (FAW) CITY GOLF (9K4) 1996/05-2002/09

VW (FAW) GOLF IV (1J1) 2001/05-2009/07

VW (SVW) POLO 2010/12-

VW (SVW) POLO CROSS (9N3) 2007/12-2012/03

VW (SVW) POLO Hatchback 2002/01-2006/03

VW (SVW) POLO Hatchback (6R) 2010/12-2012/12

VW (SVW) POLO JINQIN Hatchback (9N3) 2002/01-2012/12

VW (SVW) POLO JINQU Saloon 2002/01-2012/12

VW (SVW) POLO Saloon 2002/01-2006/03



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Location Front Axle
Diameter 256 mm
Brake DiscThickness 22 mm
Minimum Thickness 19 mm
Centering Diameter 65 mm
Height 36.6 mm
Number of Holes 5
Pitch Circle Diameter 100 mm
Solid or Vented v

The material of all our brake disc, rotor and drum applies with standard G3000(America) = GG25(European) = HT250(China). meet all OE specifications for weight, configuration,and tolenrances delivering the best perfomance in the market.

Material C Si Mn P S C.E
G3000 3.1~3.4 1.9~2.3 0.6~0.9 ≤ 0.15 ≤ 0.15 3.90~4.15


Plastic Package + Box + Pallets

  1.  Neutral Package: White Box or Brown Box.
  2. Customized Package: Private Brand Package.

Delivery time:

Generally 20-50 days after order comfirmation.


  • -2 years or 60,000 Kilometers.
  • -In case find defects of material or workmanship in below aspects, we will replace without charges, or return the equal amount timely:
    1. Incorrect installation size;
    2. Any quality problems;

Part Interchanges:

  • OE 1J0615301D
  • OE 1J0615301L


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